To 👀 Heinrich’s pictures, click on this link.

🙋‍♂️ and welcome to this web page which is run by photographer Heinrich Holtgreve (me ☺️). It is hosted on a server somewhere in Germany. Heinrich lives mostly in Hamburg and sometimes in Berlin. He can be contacted via ☎️, Signal, 📧, Pgp, Instagram🐤, 🐘, LinkedIn, or via his agency Ostkreuz.

Since 2012, Heinrich is working on »The internet as a place« with the goal of appropriating the internet through photography. The project is exhibited around the 🌐. In March 2021, he 📸 a burned down data center in Strasbourg and turned it into an NFT. The most current incarnation of the material is his Podcast »Internet Explorers«.

Another project by Heinrich is called »For unto every one that hath shall be given«. It is an experiment 🔍 for concrete pictures for the not-so-concrete thing called capitalism. It is exhibited as part of the group show »Continent – In search of Europe«. A limited number of signed prints is available for purchase.

For 🇩🇪 and 🇫🇷 audiences, there’s Heinrich’s movie about a peculiar place called Buxtehude. Created for and with arte.

Heinrich can be booked for 💸 jobs. Clients from the cultural sector such as Urbane Künste Ruhr, Kunstverein Siegen or Kunstmuseum Bochum rely on him to document exhibitions. Journalistic outlets such as taz, Dummy, The Guardian, or NZZ commission him to do portraits and reportages. Commercial clients such as gmp, nuvc or academics hire him to make them look 🤤.

Heinrich is also a 📸 teacher since 2017.🏫 include HAW Hamburg, FH Bielefeld, Ostkreuzschule Berlin and HfK Bremen.

The 🤓 imprint is: Heinrich Holtgreve, Hansaplatz 2, 20099 Hamburg,, +491776303194.